Dave Brugge

Paso Por Aqui

David Martin Brugge

In 1998, the Archaeological Society of New Mexico honored Dave for his contributions with the publication of Diné Bíkéyah. As editors of the volume, Meli Duran (my late wife) and I talked with the authors through the editing of the submitted articles. The great respect his fellow Navajo scholars and researchers had for Dave was clear in our discussions and conversations.

Living in southern New Mexico, my visits with Dave were usually at ASNM quarterly meetings, at lunch before the meeting, during the breaks, and afterwards. More lengthy conversations were held at the Annual Meetings.

Saturday, March 2, I was in Albuquerque with a friend and we visited with Dave, catching up on the usual what’s happening, any interesting projects in southern New Mexico, etc. On his bed was a book about Spanish missions and missionaries. My friend asked if these were Jesuit missionaries. Dave briefly explained about the Franciscans in Colonial New Mexico. I mentioned Tom Carroll had just published an article in The Artifact on the Organ Mountains and a history of Spanish names for the mountains. Dave promptly asked for a copy, which Tom then sent to him. As usual it was a very informative and friendly discussion that was so characteristic of conversations with Dave.

At Christmas, we looked forward to Dave’s card, unique and hand-crafted. We knew it was the Holiday season when his card arrived. Dave Brugge was a humble seeker of knowledge, a gentleman, a scholar, a friend. He will be missed but we will have our memories of Dave.

The Archaeological Society of New Mexico is pleased to post Dave’s biography from Diné Bíkéyah and his update bibliography (1997-2012).

Please feel free to copy these documents and share with others to honor Dave Brugge.

Dave Kirkpatrick