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Since Mera: The Original Eleven Bulletins with Essays and Opinions Derived from Recent Research

Compiled and edited by Emily J. Brown, Regge N. Wiseman, and Rory P. Gauthier, with contributions by Hayward H. Franklin and Theodore R. Frisbie

H.P. Mera was one of the first people to conduct regional archaeological surveys in New Mexico, and one of the early researchers working to create a comprehensive pottery type collection and develop a system of ceramic typology that could be consistently applied.  Integrating site survey data and ceramic distributions led Mera to some fundamental conclusions about New Mexico’s prehistory that have stood the test of time, many of which were published in seven of the Laboratory of Anthropology’s Technical Series Bulletins between 1931 and 1943.  These monographs included reconstructions of the basic trends in the Biscuitware area, Glazeware ceramics, and the southern Rio Grande and southeastern New Mexico.

Mera’s bulletins are still consistently referred and cited by archaeologists, but given the limited distribution of the original publications, poorly Xeroxed reproductions are often the only versions available to many scholars.  Since Mera reproduces all of the first eleven bulletins exactly as they were originally published, including grayscale plates and oversized foldout maps and charts.  Each bulletin has a brief introduction by a scholar in the field explaining the significance of Mera’s work, what aspects of his original research still hold true today, and where new information has led to new interpretations.  A preface by Hayward Franklin sets out Mera’s accomplishments, and a bibliography by Theodore Frisbie sheds light on Mera himself.  Since Mera makes available key material for any scholar interested in ceramic research, Southwestern population movements and groups, and the history of archaeological research in New Mexico.


This publication of the major archaeological works of Harry Mera achieved two major goals: to finally make his writings readily available and to recall the significant impact that Mera had upon the developing field of Southwestern Archaeology during the period of the 1920s-1950s.

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Compiled and edited by Emily J. Brown, Regge N. Wiseman, and Rory P. Gauthier

406 Pages,  91 plates and maps, including 6 fold-out maps in a pocket.

Special Publication #5, Archaeological Societyy of New Mexico

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