Code of Ethics

Archaeological Society of New Mexico

The Archaeological Society of New Mexico hereby ascribes to the following Code of Ethics and enjoins all its members and affiliated societies to abide by the standards of conduct as set forth:


To comply fully with all Federal, State, Local, and Indian Tribal laws and the provisions of the New Mexico Cultural Properties Act relating to archaeological and historical sites and the preservation of antiquities.

To respect the integrity and right-to-privacy of owners of private land, and to adhere strictly to the stipulations and conditions set forth by landowners when doing archaeological work on their land.


To abide by all laws and customs when on lands under the control of the various Indian Tribes.

Never, under any conditions, to engage in illicit digging in archaeological or historical sites, disturbance of graves, or any activity for the purpose of acquiring objects of antiquity for personal use or commercial gain.

To leave camp sites, picnic areas, or dig sites in a natural state, free of litter and refuse. Acts of vandalism cannot be tolerated.

To be alert for signs of pot-hunting, vandalism, and destruction of antiquities; and to report such activities promptly to the nearest law enforcement agency.


Membership in the Archaeological Society of New Mexico is not a license to excavate!

This statement is taken from Volume 1, Number 1 of Awanyu. It is as valid today as it was when published, March 1, 1973.