Special Publications

No. Year Title
 1  2017 GIUSEWA: Laurens C.Hammack’s 1965 Excavations for the Visitor Center Water Line at Jemez Historic Site, Sandoval County, New Mexico 

Throughout the last century Jemez Historic Site’s Giusewa Pueblo has been excavated by numerous archaeologists. Collections in Santa Fe are full of pottery, flaked stone and other archaeological artifacts recovered. However very few research reports discuss Giusewa in any great detail, and very little has been published. Now just over 50 years after Lauren Hammack’s work, the archaeological investigations are beginning to see the light of day. Giusewa is a place where history happened. Wiseman explores this historical narrative through architecture and artifact revealing the distinct and complex nature of Jemez culture at a time of tremendous change brought on by the arrival of the Spanish.     

                                                      – taken and paraphrased from Preface written by Matthew J. Barbour, Manager, Jemez Historic Site


Compiled and Written by Regge N. Wiseman, Contributions by Pamela McBride 

83 Pages   42 Figures (most pottery sherds in color), 6 Tables,  2 Appendices

Special Publication #6, Archaeological Society of New Mexico

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2 2010 The Casamero Community in the Red Mesa Valley of Northwestern New Mexico. Compiled and edited by Frances Joan Mathien.
New Mexico BLM Cultural Resources Series
Monograph No. 17 – $29.95 
3 2014 Since Mera: The Original Eleven Bulletins With Essays And Opinions Derived From Recent Research Compiled and Edited by Emily J. Brown, Regge N. Wiseman, and Rory P. Gauthier with Contributions by Hayward H. Franklin and Theodore R. Frisbie – $39.95 

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