Reporting Guidelines

Documentation is an essential part of the recording process. Without documenting our work is in vain. This outline is based upon a number of rock art reports. It has been given some review by land managers and professional archaeologists. It is intended solely as a starting point. Individual land managers may have other specific needs and requirements. Not all topics need be included and others may by necessity be added. 

ARMS Report Contents Recommendation

ARMS Standard for Archival Ready Rock Art Reports:

The State of New Mexico Archaeological Records Management Section (ARMS) has prepared a standard that when followed will assure our reports can easily be integrated into their system. 

Sample Archive Ready Rock Art Report

The following link is to an actual Archive-Ready Rock Art Report. This report is heavely redacted and has some artifacts associated with compressing the large pdf. The sole purpose in posting this document is to provide an example.

Feedback from the ARMS staff with suggestions for improvements for future reports.

ARMS Protocol 

Arms is a tremendously busy organization. It has many demands placed on its small, very responsive, and effective staff. To help us help them ARMS developed a protocol to help them respond to their user community.