Why become an Affiliate?

Benefits of Affiliate Membership

The Archaeological Society of New Mexico (ASNM) is a statewide organization that encourages the study and preservation of New Mexico’s multicultural heritage.  It achieves this purpose largely through a network of affiliated archaeological societies throughout New Mexico and bordering states that share similar values and goals.

Affiliate membership helps local societies to:

  • Obtain a bigger picture of the diverse geographical and archaeological landscape of New Mexico and surrounding states,
  • Share in the expertise and camaraderie of a larger pool of professionals and avocationalists,
  • Participate in the benefits of the Rock Art Council,
  • Participate in the benefits of the Certification Program,
  • Participate in the social and educational benefits of the annual meeting,
  • Contribute to, and receive access to, the annual volume, special publications, and quarterly La Jornada newsletter.

Responsibilities of affiliate members are described in ASNM Bylaws Article II, Section 6.